How you can make additional $300-$3,600 per month from Online Business (Chinese Presentation)


Frustrated with current job?

Want to FIRE your unreasonable boss but with no glue what to do next?

Money is not enough?

Too stress with current economy market?

Foreseen Retrenchment?

If you find yourself in one of the situation above, you're not alone, perhaps it's time to think of ways to improve your life and financial situation and what you should do NOW! Do not wait for things to happen, but get ready yourself to make things happen!

Your options to earn Extra Income:

  1. Work Longer Hours
  2. Get a Part Time Job
  3. Start your own Business
  4. Franchise
  5. Investments
  6. Lottery

95% of people spend up to 45 years of their life making the other 5% successful and rich.

They work a plan for someone's else success - not their own!

If an additional of $300-$3,600 per month is something that you're looking at for a start, potentially leading to your financial freedom, here is a 2-3 years plan that helps many single mums, struggling employees, property agents, nurses, household to make it and it may be for you too!

What you can expect from this Online Business Workshop:

  • A FREE account for you to start increasing your household income immediately by converting your spending to earning
  • How to start your Online Business with minimal start up cost
  • How you can work on flexible hours for your online business
  • Learn and Earn at your own pace
  • How to get your business running with or without you working leading to financial freedom

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Fri Jul 15, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Matrix @ Biopolis
Venue Address
30 Biopolis Street Singapore
Alight at the Buona Vista MRT and walk towards the Ministry of Education Building (MOE). Take the road that goes up the hill